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Certificate Course in Web Designing

06 Nov, 2023

Duration : 3 Months

City center, Gwalior

Basic of HTML and CSS: HTML, cascading style sheets, bootstrap, java script, JQuery.

Java Server pages (JSP): Advantages of Java sever page, JSP Processing, Life Cycle, JSP Elements, JSP implicit objective, JSP Directive, JSTL, AJAX.

HTTP Basic: Introduction to web server & Web Browser, Introduction to structure, language basic.

Adobe Photoshop: Photoshop panel tools, basic operations, navigating and zooming, sampling Global adjustments, layer, simple selections, choosing colours, Guides and rulers, history cropping, basic printing.

Diploma in UI UX Design

06 Nov, 2023

Duration: 3 Months

City center, Gwalior

Learn basics & advanced design concepts via live classes & hands-on learning. Build your own Design portfolio, and land a high-paying design job via Job Assistance

A UI/UX designer is tasked with understanding user needs, designing interfaces, and testing a design’s usability.

Introductin UI and UX : Get an introduction to UI and UX Design and the key methodologies such as Product Design Life Cycle, Double Diamond, and Design Thinking

Wireframes:Apply Design frameworks to create low-fidelity wireframe deliverables.

Prototyping with Figma: Transform low-fidelity wireframes into high-fidelity, interactive prototypes using Figma.

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Diploma in Digital Marketing

06 Nov, 2023

Duration 3 Months

City center, Gwalior

A Diploma in Digital Marketing course covers a wide range of topics related to digital marketing. The syllabus for a diploma in digital marketing may vary depending on the institute.

Search Engine Optimization SEO Internet and web optimization
Search Engine Marketing Mobile Marketing
Digital Marketing Laws Data Analytics
Digital Design and Communication Email Marketing
Content Marketing Introduction to CRM
Social Media Marketing Digital Marketing Budgeting

School Management Software

21 July, 2022

10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

City center, Gwalior

Simplify the school's administrative process through digitization and automation - use the best School Management Software in the market and experience simplicity and efficiency.

Improved Operational Efficiency: Muki Technologies Integrated School Management Software consists of LMS, ERP, and Digital Content, making school management more efficient with reduction in cost and increase in productivity.

An Extra Layer of Parental Involvement: Muki Technologies LMS is advanced with various features that significantly enhance the best experience.

Staff Management:The school administration can create repository of staff information from joining date till relieving date including all their credentials and supporting documentation. This database enables tracking and analyzing leaves and attendance of the staff.

Detailed Reports & Analytics: It helps all stakeholders including teachers, parents, students, track progress at a fundamental level through detailed customizable reports.

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